Annual Profit Budget Template Excel

Annual profit budget templates are mostly used by the organizations that have different business Portfolios in one umbrella business organization. So, they must maintain and project their annual expense and Income for each business and on one sheet. You can compare all the business expenses on one sheet. For this you must segment all your monthly business expenses for all business portfolios.

This is very complex to handle a diverse portfolio and manage their funds, finances, Budgets & forecasts separately. So, this template would help you to manage them all at once in one sheet. You can track, all the monthly expenses and thus in end you have annual profit budget information. As well as you can also manage or calculate quarterly profits.

Advantages of using Annual Profit Budget Template:

  • Easy to use
  • Management of diverse business
  • No expertise in excel required
  • You can track annual from of all businesses at once
  • Every information at one click
  • Less time consuming
  • Efficient way to work.
  • You can customize it.

How to use it?

Step 1

First you must categorize all monthly Operating Expenses of all your diverse businesses.

Step 2

Categorize and write your business in the first row and afterwards write all operating expenses below the business category 1.Then write the other business name and similarly write its expenses in lower Rows.

Step 3

Now after entering all the business expenses separately then you must write the monthly data of the expenses of each business.

Step 4

After 3 months, you can track the Q1 means Quarter 1 profit of the business and similarly after next 3 months you can see profit for quarter 2.

Step 5

After you have entered the six-month data of expenses in the rows you can also see the Semi-annual profit of that business. This will help you to see the results of the business.

Step 6

At the end of 12 months you can check the annual profit that you have gain after deducting all the expenses. You can also view 18 month budget template in excel.


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In conclusion, this template helps you to compare information after every year you can see the progress of each business in this Annual Profit Budget Template. Because it includes all 12-month data in it.