Business Travel Itinerary Template Excel

Business travel itinerary template excel is use by the business professionals and employees of an organization whose jobs are mostly rotating or traveling base. Business employees mostly use this template to maintain the record of their business tours or travels. Employees may have one or more travels may be for the meeting or for the deals with the other countries.

So, they don’t have to keep remember all the trips departures, their locations, car information etc. this template helps you to make a record of all the trip or travel details that you must go for. As well as you can access it from anywhere and can customize it as you need.

Feature Business Travel Itinerary Excel Template

Here is some basic element in this template, check each one by one and contact us if any one isn’t here in that template.

  1. Maintain records of every trip
  2. Not want to remember everything
  3. Helps you to guide and remember
  4. Efficient way to keep your travel record
  5. It is easy and fast to use.
  6. Short summary of travel plans
  7. You can link this with maps.
  8. Printable
  9. Keep track each of your business travel details.
  10. Quickly review of details

Types of Itinerary Template

Check some most coming types of this template, check out some bellows;

  • Employee Holiday Travel Itinerary Template
  • Road Trip Itinerary Template

Employee Holiday Travel Itinerary Template

Employee holiday plan according to this travel budget template is very handy. You can set particular holiday in upcoming days with complete route guide to other travel relate expense. Other software of “planner” is attach calendar, so you can get 2018 calendar with this sheet.

Travel Itinerary Template Excel

Road Trip Itinerary Template

Simple local road planner regarding office trip or other family holiday require complete expense budget detail of travelling.

How to Use Travel Itinerary Template Excel

There are five sections, include in this template to fill out all the details. After mentioning the following information:

Purpose: You must first write about the purpose of the travel or tour that why the particular person is going for the travel from company. The purpose may be the meeting with the other companies, or may be the deal signing. So, that purpose must be mention here.

Destination: The destination of the trip must be mentioned here in detail that where the person is going and for how much time the trip is for.

Trip start: The starting time of the trip must be mention here that date, month, year is important for the staying purpose.

Trip end: Trip end date, month and year also must be mentioned here.

After entering all the information here there are 5 section to be filled out that are following:

  1. Departing flight

Departure information is the information about the starting take off of the flight for the tour. Departure information must be mention. Its, crucial for the purpose of remembering about the departure. You must enter date of departure, time of departure, airline name, gate number, arrival spot and time.

  1. Car rental

Car rental details are must be enter in the car rental detail section. You must enter the date and time of pick up, and drop off a car. Confirm number of the car, location, company of rental, this all information must be mention here in this column.

  1. Hotel

In the hotel section, it must contain all the information about the stay of the staff. It includes the information about the name of the hotel, confirm number, street number, city, room number, and check out time. This should be mention here.

  1. Meetings or events/ activities

This section contains all the information about the meetings details, you must enter date and time of the meeting, venue and street number, topic of the meeting, room number, and ending time of the meeting all must be mention in this section.

  1. Returning Flight

returning flight section must be fill with the date, departure time, airline, confirmation number, departure, arrival spot must be mention.

In the end, I must say that it is the professional way to keep records about your meeting and tours and Business travel itinerary template excel helps you to maintain that efficiently.