College Student Budget Management Template

College budget Management template is used to track your monthly expense of the semester and the Home income. A college budget template helps you to plan certain things you do in a budget. So, at the end of the month you can track your expenses. You are the responsibility of your parents so, by budgeting and limiting you expenses you can manage and lessen up your parent’s burden.

To budget for college you should include all your expense that are expected like the transportation, fuel, telephone, food, etc. these all should include in the budget. This budget restrains you to shape your future and as well as take care of your financial future. Accordingly, this budget helps you for the funds and money management.

How to use this College student budget template?

So, there are two steps of guide to fill this template:

  1. Income
  2. Expenses

College Student Budget Management Template


Firstly, you must write Monthly Income from all sources. Categorize your income that from which sources you have accumulate your monthly income. Must categorize your income from other sources then write them all in the columns. After the categorization, you must enter the amount that you get from these sources. As in this template you can see that all sources of income of a student are mentioned. But, you can also add others as you want.

The following are included in the income section:

  1. Salary wages: in the case if you work part time.
  2. From parents: what you get monthly pocket money from your parents.
  3. Student loan: the loan you get.
  4. Scholarship
  5. Grants
  6.  Financial Aid:
  7. Transfer from savings:
  8. Other sources:

Afterwards, entering all information about the income sources now move on to the expense section.


NOW YOU MUST CATEGORIZE ALL your home and Semester expenses. You can also classify them separately as home expense and Semester or College Expenses. Enter all your Home expenses that you mother may know. The expenses you face monthly at home. Like in this template shown that for example:

  • Medical expenses
  • Food expenses
  • Clothing expenses
  • All the utility bills
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Property taxes
  • Other taxes

All things Considered, these all are may be the all type of expenses that occurs in a home. Now in the next row you must include all the college expenses to budget:

  • College expenses/ semester expenditures are:
  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Stationery
  • Books
  • Cell phone
  • Internet
  • Others

You must categorize them in a list and also mention their amounts in front of them. In the last you must sum them up and must total all the income sources.

Printable Budget Worksheet for College Students

Now, In the summary section you can see the balance by subtracting the expenses from Income. The balance automatically generated by the sheet once you put formula of subtraction in the cell. Therefore, you can see the details for every month or semester after putting all the data monthly.

In conclusion, College budget Management template is very useful for a new college going student to keep his/her expenses in budget.